“Mastery Of Fear Of Flying” Sweaty palms, heart racing, every announcement the captain makes you feel like this is it! After two sessions with Arthur I am completely cured of my fears and actually enjoy the experience now. I have just completed an overseas trip which was fantastic and it feels great to be in control and to have conquered my phobia.
Arthur also records the session for your own personal use. This is great because you can listen to it at home, and while on the plane you immediately feel totally relaxed.
I have gone from being extremely anxious and feeling like I was risking my life to being able to enjoy the in flight entertainment and the whole experience in two relaxing wonderful sessions with Arthur. I feel like Arthur really enjoys his work . He definitely has a gift for working with the mind and I felt extremely relaxed from the get go.
You only live once so why not live large and enjoy all the resources you have available to you without fear. I believe anyone who wants to fly without fear can do so with Arthur’s help. Thanks Arthur. —

G.K, Framingham, MA*

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Hopefully you’ve met all…of my extended family for hypnosis sessions by now! People are abuzz about your “miracle” [weight loss] therapy! — I.K., Belmont, MA*
I am so amazed about how effective just one session with you has been! My desire to scratch and pick at my skin is almost 100% gone…I can really tell a difference in my self-esteem and outlook towards the future. — M.F., Cambridge, MA*

*The testimonials shown on this page consist of feedback and comments sent to us by clients and reflect their individual experiences. Results may vary.

I just wanted you to know that your help has been completely successful so far – I have not bitten my fingers once since the first treatment! A few times I caught myself with my finger going towards my mouth,but gently reminded myself that I wasn’t doing that anymore, and that was it! — K.M., Woburn, MA*

I just wanted to say thank you for our session. So far so good! …there’s HUGE improvement. I feel a new sense of respect for myself and my profession and just generally feel a burden of some kind lifted. You are a hero and I am so glad you do what you do! — I.M., Mendon, MA

My attitude is changing for the better. Even with all the stress, I am able to focus at work. I am so busy at work, I don’t have time to focus on my negativity…Thanks for everything. — D.C., Boston, MA

Arthur, I suffer from Trichotillomania, and after just 1 session, I am starting to see things in a new way, and starting to heal. I am thrilled with my results! — B.B., Framingham, MA

I came to you almost a year ago to quit smoking. And with great pleasure I’m writing to tell you that I am still off them. (The longest stint ever!) Thank you so much for helping me with this affliction…Thanks…for unlocking the chains.
— T.U.,  Cambridge, MA*

Thanks to you the presentation went just fine…for the first time I enjoyed it rather than having the usual dread!
— M.C., Somerville, MA

The pain management was better than I could have expected! I was very impressed. — Q.T., Newton, MA

I am doing very well with my smoking…I couldn’t have done it without your help…the hypnosis stuck in my head and each time that I reach for a cigarette I just ask myself “Do I really need that?”
— C.B., Newton, MA

I have played three successful matches since I met with you…Something clicked with me and I’ve found an emotional balance out there. A calmness that allows me to play my best tennis. — O.H., Wayland, MA*

You can now add Exorcist, Voodoo Priest and Zenmaster to your list of qualifications. I have emerged out of so much darkness into so much light, it really is nothing short of a miracle. I don’t know how you do it but the results are really quite incredible. That was just three visits. Most people would be stuck in therapy for years with what I brought into your office 3 weeks ago. — C.P., Brookline, MA*

Thank you so much for your help. I’d have to say without a doubt I am a complete believer in hypnotherapy. The contrast in what I was able to do this past week compared to the miserable feelings of dread that I endured in the past is nothing short of amazing. I only wish I had done this sooner. — F.J., Arlington, MA*

After a single session with you, I’m very pleased to say that I regularly sleep through the night…It’s been just amazing.
— D.V., Melrose, MA

The session made a big improvement in the way I now look at myself. I look in the mirror and smile. You made a big difference, and I feel like I’m ready to conquer the world!
— K.E, Taunton, MA

My trip was fantastic…I was very relaxed and able to enjoy myself both going to the airport and during the flight. It was great. Thank you! — K.P., Watertown, MA

I met many women at parties this fall and was comfortable showing interest…I changed my attitude towards meeting women and didn’t get myself stuck…Thanks for your help.
— N.B., Lexington, MA

I am happy to report that I completed my first marathon…It was an an amzaing experience. I enjoyed every second of the 4 hours and 20 minutes. For this I thank you! Our work together made all difference.
— M.L., Concord, MA*

My goodness, Arthur, what did you do for these people. They adore you! The gentleman told me that his niece lost “tons of weight.”
— R.T., Arlington, MA*

I can’t believe it…My voice cracked only a little on the very last word I said – which is great! It is absolutely amazing, astonishing and totally fantastic…I can’t thank you enough.
— E.D., Newton, MA*

The presentation went FANTASTIC!!…I managed to just focus and go – and it just flowed! I got a lot of good feedback from my team that it was right on. I also felt like I connected with the audience and wasn’t just talking “at” them.  Thank you – I’m really glad I called you!
— M.I.,  Norwood, MA*