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The therapeutic application of hypnosis. Some people falsely think of hypnosis or hypnotism as being something mysterious as if it were magic or an unconscious state of mind. In fact, hypnosis is the induction of a state of mind that is similar to daydream reveries or the moments just before drifting off to sleep. In the hypnotic state, suggestions empowering positive change are facilitated.


Some clients benefit from incorporating philosophical and/or analytical discussion that helps reframe personal issues in a new light. “Life reframing,” a technique pioneered by the great hypnotherapist and psychiatrist Milton Erickson is a very effective technique. I also draw from the work of many other thinkers and philosophers. The power of hypnosis combined with the wisdom of philosophy produces an effective conscious/subconscious synergy.


Losing weight through hypnotherapy is very different than conventional dieting. A diet is like a never ending battle between the conscious and subconscious where calorie counting is a continuous confrontation with the temptations of food. Weight control through hypnotherapy could not be more unlike dieting because subconscious cravings are modified and aligned with the positive choices of the conscious mind. To make a bold metaphor, dieting is akin to war, whereas weight control through hypnosis is the waging of peace between the conscious and subconscious minds.


Smoking is both habitual and chemically addictive, and the relative degree of chemical addiction or habitual dependency varies from individual to individual. Regardless of whether the habit is more habitual or additive, or both equally, hypnosis can be highly effective in helping smokers to become nonsmokers.


If you are interested in attending a group hypnosis event, then please call me at 617-964-4800, or send me an email with your email address so that I can notifiy you of upcoming group hypnosis events. (Your email address is never sold, rented or given to anyone.)The group sessions will be announced after a sufficient number of people have informed me of their interest in attending. When the event is formally announced, you will then have the opportunity to register for the event. The cost of these group hypnosis sessions can vary, but the admission fee is generally about $25 per person.

GROUP HYPNOSIS (At a Place of Business or Social Club)

Group sessions may include both group hypnosis and philosophically oriented discussions intended to inspire, motivate, and clear the muddles and conflicts that can interfere with the wellness of both the individual and the organization as a whole! Group sessions for corporations, non-profits and other groups can either be organized on-site at your location or, alternatively, external locations can be arranged. Weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, peak performance, wellness and other issues that are addressed in group sessions may also be made part of a program combining both group and private work. Please call me at 617-964-4800 for pricing and other information.

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Stress is a part of life. It is actually a part of the nature of all things, not just people, but for all things both living and inanimate. Your automobile undergoes stress every time its engine is turned on (or even when it is simply sitting in the driveway), but good maintenance of the vehicle minimizes the effects of stress and results in its longer serviceability and better running. While it might seem a little crass to compare a human being to an automobile, the fact is that all things undergo stress and the secret to effectively handling it is good management. Yes, all of us need to be good managers if we are minimize the negative impact of stress on both our body and mind. In many cases, the result of good stress management is not merely the reduction of the negative impact of stress, but its conversion into positive stimuli for personal growth, achievement, happiness, and well-being.


Anxiety is a physical and/or emotional state of worry, fear or uneasiness. The reasons for the anxiety may or may not be rationally grounded, however, it is beneficial to manage it as wisely and calmly as possible. Sometimes anxiety becomes highly focused, causing states of panic. The term ‘anxiety’ or ‘phobia’ is relative to how extreme the condition is thought to be. For example, someone who is very anxious in large crowds may not be regarded as phobic unless the anxiety becomes so elevated as to cause him or her to avoid crowds on a regular basis that interfere with the conduct of everyday life. In more extreme cases the fear of crowds might be described as a phobia, while the less extreme and better functioning state of mind would more likely be described as anxiety. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help resolve both anxiety and phobias.


Improving motivation is at once one of the simplest and most complex applications of hypnotherapy. On the simpler side are the direct suggestions aimed at building the self-esteem necessary for an individual to realize his or her potential. Inspirational books, movies, and motivational speakers, of course, are extremely valuable. Conveyed in the hypnotic state these suggestions become even more powerful. There is a treasure trove of inspirational material to draw upon. But sometimes direct suggestions designed to build self-esteem and a positive mental attitude are not enough. Sometimes hidden or subconscious mental blocks can create barriers to success. And sometimes the enemy of motivation is nothing other than confusion and the failure to see new opportunities. Inspiration, positive mental attitude, and the clearing of both subconscious and conscious blocks are addressed in a combination of hypnotherapy and/or philosophical counseling.


Hypnosis, philosophy and positive thinking can work together to unleash creative potential. Blocks to creative achievement can manifest itself in writers’ block, stage freight and public speaking anxiety, and the variety of activity that crisscross human experience. Creativity is not limited to the formal arts or the activities that are generally classified as creative expression, e.g. painting, sculpting and the diverse spectrum of graphic arts, music, acting, creative writing, etc. Needless to say, the work of entrepreneurs or inventors exemplify the process of creative thinking and the imagination! Any person who has high aspirations will run into mental creativity blocks and barriers from time to time.

PEAK PERFORMANCE (In Sports, Business and Life)

Athletics or sports provides an excellent paradigm of how hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to enhance performance. When I observe great athletes I am struck by two obvious facts. First is the enormous work over many years that they have put into their games to keep themselves sharp and on top. Second is their amazingly graceful they are, of how easy they make it seem to perform at levels that are impossible for the average person, not to mention their competitors. When you watch a good golfer make a shot, it is artistry. Peak performance requires long hours of difficult practice whether it is on the playing field, the office, laboratory, on stage or in wherever setting your work happens to be. The particular skills and habits that go into successful performance at many points are executed in an almost non-thinking, spontaneous manner. This is not to say that you do not think about what you are doing. Corrections and shifts in direction, of course, occur. But many times over-thinking, paralysis by analysis needs to be overcome. This is an example, in the words of the philosopher Gilbert Ryle, of the difference between knowing that and knowing how. “Knowing how” is essentially the deep trust within the self to just do it! Even dreams can be self-limiting; go beyond them!

CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM Confidence and self-esteem generally involve intersecting issues. On the simplest of levels they are identical, because low confidence could either be a product of low self-esteem or someone may suffer from low self-esteem because they lack confidence. But, oftentimes, the two are distinct. Low self-esteem can result from a poor estimation of one’s own character or skill level when–the fact is, the individual may actually excel in the eyes of everyone but himself or herself. With hypnotherapy, it may be possible to expose the underlying issues that have produced and unfair self-image. In the case of a lack of confidence, low self-esteem may be the culprit, but an array of other factors ranging from personal relationship issues to areas where deficiencies in performance need to be addressed. Once better attention and focus on deficient areas have been identified and addressed, confidence will likely improve! For more information on these topics, please click on the Peak Performance, Creativity, and Motivation links above.

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Clearing the many types of mental blocks and barriers and bad habits that impede success and greater happiness is typically a basic and essential part of a hypnotherapy practices. The are probably hundreds of examples, but I’ll just mention just three: nail biting, procrastination and anger. Now, anger can be much more deeply rooted, but sometimes it can actually much more benign. The benign form is just a bad habit that could be formed by, for e.g. observations of parents who did a lot of shouting but were not seriously dysfunctional. For benign cases, mindfulness, self-monitoring and hypnotic techniques that nip the outburst in the bud, and the preferability of new behaviors can be powerfully and convncingly adopted. This is an example that applies to many other bad habits, such as nailbiting and procrastination. Every mental block or bad habit has elements unique to the individual, and often have interconnections with the other themes that are discussed and linked on this page. Please refer to the Integral Hypnosis home page for more discussion.


A past life regression, like all forms of hypnotic regression, uses hypnosis to help someone retrieve forgotten memories. In the case of past life regressions, it can be argued that in most cases it really does not matter whether the past life “memory” is real or only creative fantasy. In either case, information is being discovered which has profound importance to the hypnotic subject who is experiencing a past life regression. Past life regressions and the images of our souls in terms of different lives even if these images are imaginary can be the ultimate life reframing experience. They show patterns of behavior, challenges, anxieties, problems and successes which shine light on present-day life. In this sense, past life regressions are highly consistent with what is the primary goal of much of hypnotherapy: the uncovering of persistent patterns which obstruct or even sabotage personal growth and self-realization.


The overriding theme of my hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice is mental clarity and personal empowerment. Mental clarity applies to both the conscious and subconscious spheres of the mind. Even though we may not be aware of subconscious beliefs or predispositions, there will be very little clarity if they are not known or understood. The existence of something unknown can cause all sorts of issues, conflicts and false clarity simply because we do not know or understand it. Mental blocks, barriers, conflicts and disharmonies occur on both conscious and subconscious levels. And if mental clarity is not present, how can self-empowerment and positive self-realization unfold? In the modern context, the ancient Greet maxim, “Know thyself” must encompass the wisdom of both the conscious and the subconscious mind.


The Creativity Expo is an opportunity for independent authors, filmmakers, artists, inventors and other creative thinkers to network and thrive! A primary mission of the Creativity Expo is to foster a platform for artistic, creative, and intellectually inspired individuals to network and promote their work. Creativity Expo is a partner site with the Social Philosophizers Club and the Philosophic Perspectives internet radio show. By becoming involved with the Creativity Expo, you may be given opportunities to make presentations to the Social Philosophizers Club and/or be interviewed on my radio show. I look forward to meeting you at upcoming events as we build a community of independent authors, artists and creative thinkers!

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